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Healthy way to skin renewal and regeneration!

When it comes to healthy skin, there are three things you need to know: keratinocytes, melanocytes, and fibroblasts. These are the three types of skin cells that are responsible for maintaining skin function. Hale Cosmeceuticals offers beauty products that specifically target each of these types of cells to optimize healthy regular skin renewal and regeneration.


Keratinocytes are the skin’s surface cells. Their primary function is protection from pollutants, heat, UV radiation, and moisture loss. Keratinocytes are constantly dying off and being renewed, which is why exfoliation is so important to healthy skin.

  • Dermis Cleanser
  • O.R.A.C. Lifting Complex
  • C-Fine Milk Lotion
  • C-Fine Super Serum


Melanocytes are cells that produce melanin, which gives skin its color. Melanin production is a normal skin function, but exposure to sunlight can trigger increased melanin production leading to brown spots and other discolorations. We have a number of skin care products to correct the overproduction of melanin, and to fade dark spots:

  • O.R.A.C. Complex Serum


Fibroblasts reside in the deeper layers of the skin and are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, essential proteins that support skin structure and function. These cells break down from sun exposure, oxidation stress, and environmental pollution. We offer several beauty products that help synthesize collagen and elastin helping skin to be firmer and more elastic. The result is smoother skin with reduced fine lines and wrinkles and improved circulation for a healthy, glowing complexion. Our fibroblast-targeted skin care products include: Vit. C-Super Serum Profile K, Patent-5.

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