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NextEra Hemp

NextEra Hemp.

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Hemp Products

Next Era Hemp 1,500mg, 1,000mg, 500mg and 300mg Tincture. Gel Caps in 600mg and 900mg quantities.

The tinctures are a sublingual application to administer Hemp Extract Oil to the entire body.  This comes with enriched Phytocannabinoid Coconut MCT for those concerned about the flavor of the Hemp Seed Oil.  Application under the tongue allows for the active ingredients of CBD oil to be directly absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth. There are many capillaries, or tiny blood vessels, under the tongue which transfer directly to the bloodstream. The 1,500mg, 1,000mg, 500mg and 300mg is great for wellness maintenance and inflammation throughout the body.   Available flavors are in Unflavored, Mint, Chocolate Raspberry, Orange Cream.

Base Ingredients: Organic cold pressed, virgin, unrefined Hemp Seed Oil. Fractionated Coconut MCT (Base) – Carrier oil that supports gut wellness and provides elevated ketone levels. Hemp Extract Oil – Source of cannabinoids and terpenes. We also carry Full Spectrum Gel Caps in 600mg and 900mg  quantities. 



A vast and vital receptor system within the human body called the ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM (ECS), is responsible for supporting and maintaining healthy balance. The ECS is made up of receptors on cell membranes that regulate a variety of processes, including eating, sleeping, relaxation and cognition. It also assists in the body’s overall recovery and repair.  Our body naturally produces compounds called endocannabinoids (endo=inside), and hemp produces phytocannabinoids (phyto- plant). Both bind to receptor cells that “fit” like a key into the receptors to unlock your body’s own ability to maintain ideal overall health. 

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